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At Consumertec, finding tech peace of mind couldn’t be simpler. Need guidance on setting up new technology, solving a technical glitch, or curious about our range of services? Our approachable team is on standby, eager to offer the support and solutions you require.

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Consumertec can assist with any of the following error.

Check the power source, ensure all cables are connected, and try a different outlet.

Run antivirus scans, clear unnecessary files, and consider upgrading RAM or switching to a solid-state drive.

Ensure proper ventilation, clean dust from fans, and consider replacing thermal paste on the CPU.

It’s challenging; consult a professional technician for safe and effective screen replacement.

Check for malware, update drivers, and monitor system resources to identify potential issues.

Evaluate the cost of upgrades versus a new system based on your computing needs.

Immediately back up essential data and consult a professional data recovery service.

Power off, remove the battery, and let it dry. Consult a technician for further inspection.

Hardware involves physical components, while software refers to programs and operating systems.

Clean dust every 3-6 months, more frequently if your environment is dusty.

Noises could signal failing hardware like a hard drive or fan; consult a professional.

Install reputable antivirus software, keep it updated, and practice safe browsing habits.

Most laptops have integrated graphics, making upgrades challenging. Check with the manufacturer.

Note error codes, restart in safe mode, and seek professional help if issues persist.

Regularly update software, perform maintenance tasks, and use a surge protector for electrical protection.