Screen Repair Services in Dunfermline

Whether you’ve cracked your phone on the streets of Dunfermline or your laptop screen has suddenly gone dark, our expert technicians are near to help. Specialising in a wide range of screen repair services, we ensure swift, dependable fixes for all your devices.

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Computer, phone, electronics repairs & managed IT services.

Mobile and Tablet Screen Repairs.

From the latest iPhone 14 screen replacement to the reliable iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 screen repairs, we’ve got you covered. Not just iPhones, we also offer iPad screen repairs and fixes for other popular models. Drop by with your device or enquire about our speedy ‘fix phone glass near me’ services.

Laptop Screen Replacements.

Experiencing issues with your laptop or MacBook? We replace laptop screens for all major brands, ensuring your device returns to optimal functionality. Whether it’s a simple MacBook screen fix or more comprehensive computer monitor repair, trust us to provide high-quality service with minimal downtime.

Comprehensive Device Care.

Our repair services don’t just stop at screen replacements. We handle a variety of issues from touchscreen repairs to complex internal problems. Our skilled technicians are equipped to manage everything from a simple iPhone 8 Plus screen change to detailed repairs for your computer monitor.

Transparent Pricing Guaranteed


We understand that cost is a key consideration when it comes to repairs. Below, you’ll find average prices for screen replacements on some of the most common devices. These prices include both parts and labour. Please note that actual prices may vary based on specific requirements and part availability.

  • iPhone Screen Replacements:

    • iPhone 6: Approximately £45-£60
    • iPhone 7: Approximately £50-£70
    • iPhone 13: Approximately £180-£220
    • iPhone 14: Approximately £280-£320
  • Samsung Galaxy Screen Replacements:

    • Galaxy S20: Approximately £190-£240
    • Galaxy S21: Approximately £220-£270
  • iPad Screen Replacements:

    • iPad (standard models): Approximately £70-£120
    • iPad Pro: Approximately £150-£350 depending on the model and screen size
  • MacBook Screen Replacements:

    • MacBook Pro: Approximately £400-£600 depending on the model and year
    • MacBook Air: Approximately £300-£500
  • Laptop Screen Replacements (Non-Apple):

    • Standard laptops: Approximately £80-£150
    • High-end gaming laptops or ultrabooks: Approximately £150-£300
  • Other Devices:

    • Repair costs for other devices such as Android tablets, Microsoft Surface, or other smartphone brands can vary significantly. Please contact us directly for specific pricing.


Consumertec can assist with any of the following error.

We repair all major brands and models, including Apple MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones and laptops.

Most screen repairs can be completed within the same day. More complex repairs may take longer, and we’ll provide a time estimate when you drop off your device.

Yes, all of our repairs come with a warranty that covers parts and labour. Please ask for more details when you visit our shop.

It’s challenging; consult a professional technician for safe and effective screen replacement.

Absolutely, we offer screen replacements for both current and older models. Feel free to bring in any device.

While booking in advance isn’t necessary, it is recommended to ensure quick service.

We use both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and the highest quality aftermarket parts, depending on your preferences and budget.

Prices vary depending on the model and type of repair needed. Contact us directly for a precise quote.

Ensure you back up your data and log out from all major accounts for security reasons.

We recommend using a high-quality screen protector and a sturdy case to help prevent damage.

Yes, we offer battery replacements alongside our screen repair services.

Yes, we can repair camera lenses as part of our comprehensive device repair services.

While screen repair is generally safe, there are minimal risks of further damage, which we minimise with our skilled technicians.



At Consumertec, finding tech peace of mind couldn’t be simpler. Need guidance on setting up new technology, solving a technical glitch, or curious about our range of services? Our approachable team is on standby, eager to offer the support and solutions you require.

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